800 Images

Almost all of my film archives have been scanned so from now on you will see mostly new work added to the site. While most will be digital, I am still using 4×5 film for those situations where the movements only available on a view camera or the unique look of film will benefit the final image. Over 800 images have been posted so there are a lot to choose from.

The Buttermilks and Mt. Whitney in the Sierra of California.


Artist in Residence at Death Valley

For thirty days from mid January to mid February 2019 the National Parks Arts Foundation sponsored Tom as Artist in Residence at Death Valley. Operating from a base at Stovepipe Wells Village, Tom was able to explore over 100 miles of the park’s length producing images of the extraordinary natural features and rich human history.

These images are now posted in a new “Death Valley Gallery” along with work from prior visits to the Valley. We hope that you will enjoy and be inspired by this most unususal of places.

Last Chance Range behind an evaporation pool near Ubehebe Crater. Not what most people think of as Death Valley, but very much in keeping with the incredible colors, textures, and shapes.